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At Roootree furniture, you can find everything that you need to keep your room calm because we have started crafting your comfort furnitures since 2017. Started from a very minimal atmosphere to provide the best of best furnitures to everyone at a very low cost, we have grown our passion to create more and more for the people. “Everyone and every class are meant to feel and live the comfort”, and so we have added some new features to our brand, including two levels of furnitures, the premium and the comfort. Every furnitures that we make are crafted with high ergonomic designs with super comfort materials which are carved from high quality materials to get a specific longevity in durability and for daily use. Getting specific into the designs get us always ready with the sustainable materials and furnitures that the team has come up with to contribute to the green world in every way possible. You can find, Sustainable furnitures, affordable furniture, luxury furniture, space saving furniture, multifunctional furniture, and modular furniture including the most mandatory Sofas, dining table, chairs, bedroom sets etc in which the designs are so flexible and can be customised to get a room of your comfort.

To the core, it is all about the team, the passion and profession the team has to create more people-loving products has taken Roootree till here all these 8 years of finding more comfort. So, find your comfort at us. Come up and know your comfort, create your space of your dream. Make your space more efficient with us.


We craft for you and your space. So the features are to define every detail that a furniture could give to comfort your comfortable environment at every place. The furnitures are handcrafted with unique and contemporary designs which can be also customised accordingly with your visualisation. Our products are made to meet quality, durability, longevity and resilience satisfaction in your daily life. And for the green, we do eco-friendly manufacturing process with low environmental impact and concentrating on creating sustainable products to enhance your daily life. We go with modular designs that goes with your flexibility both in life, physical activity and affordability with luxurious looking. For customer satisfaction, we are ready to come at your place to study your space to create more modular furnitures of your choice and you are always welcome at our place and at our online platform to design your space with our finest furnitures.


Style with the quality that meets enhanced version. Emphasis on high quality materials, using meticulous making processes to stay resilient on durability and longevity of each product which creates the comfort that you get from our products not only materialistic but in cohesive designs too.


Designed for the way your life goes. Lets get sustainable life together. As moving with the world and to contribute to the green world, we also have a part of us into sustainability to make a set of sustainable furnitures using eco-friendly materials which has low impact on environment and using recycling process to keep the environment green and healthy.


The way of crafts which has a great functionality converage and affordability. Keeping a balance between quality and cost , making luxury furniture products at friendly cost to provide value for money and to serve every type of income with all the comfort they are meant to be felt in their daily life.

Innovation and Customisation

You and us, moving with the latest technologies create uniqueness. Unique and diverse designs that blend contemporary trends offering to customise furniture pieces to meet customer visualisation and preferences which includes materials, colors, finishes, sizes, etc.


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Derby and Florida
Vector and Delta KM
Spider Set
Apple and Fortune

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